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Things You Need to Know About Oral Biopsy

Oral biopsy is a medical procedure for taking samples of oral tissue for later examination in the laboratory. An oral biopsy is performed to detect any oral tissue abnormalities, especially if there is cancerous tissue. Oral biopsy is generally recommended by doctors in patients with oral tissue disorders characterized by the appearance of lesions, red or white patches, and swelling and ulcers in the mouth. Biopsy is done if the doctor has not been able to determine the cause of oral disease after the patient underwent a physical examination. Purpose and indication of oral biopsy Oral biopsy is performed on sufferers of oral tissue abnormalities, such as oral cancer. Generally, oral tissue abnormalities are characterized by the following symptoms: Rash or lesions in the mouth that do not heal within 2 weeks. White spots (leukoplakia) or red in the mouth. The presence of ulcers (ulcers) in the gums. Swelling of the gums or mouth that does not go away. Changes in gum tissue th
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Little Body Odor, This Causes and How to Overcome it

Body odor in children generally appears when entering puberty. However, it does not rule out complaints that arise at a younger age. Mother is curious why Little One has experienced body odor, even though she is still early? Come, see this article! Hormonal changes when entering puberty is not the only reason behind the emergence of body odor in the Little One. Due to the fact, children's body odor can also be triggered by other things, such as poorly maintained hygiene and certain health problems. Various Causes of Body Odor in Your Little One The following is an explanation of things that can trigger the appearance of body odor in children. Not keeping the body clean Children are usually very active, so it is easier to sweat. Well, if not cleaned immediately, the sweat that comes out of your body can be mixed with bacteria on the skin and cause body odor. The risk will increase if he rarely bathe or change clean clothes. Because the bacteria will more easily breed and ma

Your Child Difficult to Eat, Try This Trick

Difficult children eat when fed with food or children who only want one type of food for days, maybe not a new story for parents. To deal with it, parents must not lose cleverly with children. Generally, children find it difficult to eat after they turn one year old. At that time, the child's growth slowed when compared to the previous period. This also decreases his appetite. So often what appears is the child eats less. Recognize the Problems of Eating Difficulties When children refuse to eat and are mistakenly addressed by parents, this can trigger an unpleasant and stressful atmosphere for both parties. That is why, the intention of parents in providing the best nutrition must be accompanied by careful observing the child's condition. Difficult children to eat can be fussy or be more annoying than usual. The following are some of the problems that often arise, related to the behavior of children having difficulty eating, including: Refuse to eat For children, e